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The Wellness Loft uses a personalized, whole-person approach to weight loss and body optimization – Look good, feel great, and live well!

Weight loss is about far more than numbers on a scale… it’s about loving your body and loving your life. We take the time to understand your health history, your lifestyle, environmental stressors, coping mechanisms, values, and goals. Whether your motivation is a class reunion, a red carpet event, or a more profound intrinsic desire to be well and live better, our proven mind-body, medication-assisted approach ensures both your success and the sustainability of your results. 

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A Personalized Approach to

Medication-Assisted Weight Loss Services

Anyone can write a prescription, but only an integrative mind-body approach to weight loss can create the lifestyle transformation required for sustained results. At the Wellness Loft, we utilize peptides and other supports to restore digestive and hormonal signaling while also exploring your relationship with food and with your body. We provide guidance and support for nutrition, physical activity, and restorative sleep to give the body what it needs to achieve a healthy weight and state of balance. Weight loss is simply a bonus on the path to living well!

Medical Weight Loss is a doctor-supervised and medication-assisted approach to losing excess body weight. There are many different types of medications that can be prescribed including stimulants, carbohydrate blockers, and peptides. The most commonly requested and prescribed peptides are the GLP-1 receptor agonists, such as semaglutide, tirzepatide, and liraglutide. These peptides are injected just under the skin one time weekly, and they lead to dramatic and highly sustainable weight loss results. Patients report feeling full with much smaller portions and for a longer period of time post-meal. They are less likely to sabotage their progress with hormonal cravings and between-meal snacking. Dr. Kimbi will discuss health and priorities with you, and together develop a treatment program to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

Anyone struggling to lose weight on their own may benefit from medical weight loss. This includes people who have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight with diet and exercise, as well as those who have medical conditions that make it difficult to lose weight. These conditions may include depression and other mental health issues, eating in response to stress or anxiety, genetic factors, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances.

Upon logging on virtually or meeting in office for your Intake appointment, Dr. Kimbi will discuss your health history and lifestyle habits, as well as any medications you are taking. She will also take into account any dietary changes or physical activity plans that you have attempted. She will recommend an individualized weight loss plan that utilizes semaglutide or tirzeaptide to help you achieve your goals.

Many people approach weight loss from two angles — dieting and exercise. The emphasis on dieting and exercise is natural because most people understand that weight loss can only be achieved by burning more calories than you consume, through strenuous exercise in a caloric deficit. Where most weight loss diets fail, is lack of sustainability. Factors like genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, thyroid disorders, and underlying health conditions complicate the simplistic calorie-focused understanding of weight loss.

Hormonal weight gain is altogether different. Dr. Kimbi says, “No amount of spin class or starvation will effectively address the accumulation of fat around the midsection that results from hormonal imbalances.” When your body has too much hormone – insulin, estrogen, cortisol, the excess gets stored as fat. Hormonal weight gain needs a hormonal intervention and that is where the GLP-1 peptides really shine!

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible and reset your weekly schedule. Double or extra doses are not recommended. If you are uncertain about a missed dose, contact us for advice.

The medication should be stored in the refrigerator. Store your injections away from light and heat. As with all medications, it should be kept away from children.

Administer injections as directed. Please reach out to our office if you do not understand any part of the instructions prior to administration. Inject the full amount in the syringe. Do not increase the amount or take more of it than prescribed.  After four weeks, your doctor might increase your dose based on your body’s response to the medicine. Semaglutide/Tirzepatide can be injected into your upper arm, thigh, or stomach area.

Do not reuse needles and never share them. After you inject your dose, remove the needle straight away, and dispose of the syringe in the sharps container that was provided to you.

Schedule a virtual Accountability call before your last injection to obtain refills. This visit is included with the monthly rate of the program, and allows us to be a part of your journey and fine tune your response to the injections. Depending on your progress, your doctor may decide to increase the dosage. You will make refill arrangements at this visit. Please be mindful of the pharmacy delays and plan accordingly. You will need to follow up with the provider for Accountability calls every month to continue in the program and get refills.

Pricing increases with dose titration.

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Prescribed Weight Loss Medications May Include:


AOD 9604

CJC 1295/Ipamorelin


Patient Journey:


semaglutide before and after

1 month update:

4 single semaglutide injections, administered weekly

Patient Journey:


semaglutide before and after

2 month update:

8 single injections, administered weekly

Patient Journey:


Starting pant size: 14
Current pant size: 8
Pounds lost: 25.9


Weight Loss Patient Testimonials

“I’ve never felt confident to sit in a bikini, on a boat, until today.”

Weight loss patient, on week 6 of semaglutide injections

“Sure, there are people doing this in Boston, but it is the way you do it that is worth flying into town for!”

Male weight loss patient from Boston, MA

“Since losing 23 pounds, I have been able to discontinue my blood pressure medication.”

Patient on week 11 of tirzepatide injections

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