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At The Wellness Loft, we do healthcare differently…

Functional medicine, sometimes referred to as “root cause” medicine, is an integral part of all of our services. Functional medicine is a strategic and personalized approach to healthcare. We believe that physical symptoms (I.e. anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, high cholesterol, hormonal dysregulation) are the only language that the body has to let us know when something is out of balance. Functional medicine takes the time to explore the body’s messages and determine the underlying issue. We then develop a comprehensive and very personalized plan for restoring optimal function.

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Root Cause Medicine

What Is Functional Medicine?

At The Wellness Loft, we do health and wellness differently from most traditional, or “Western medicine,” providers. Western medicine tends to pathologize symptoms, and then writes a prescription. For example, high total cholesterol becomes a diagnosis of Hyperlipidemia and a prescription for a statin is then justified. End of story. 

A more functional approach recognizes that cholesterol is a messenger molecule and a precursor for DHEA, estradiol, testosterone, pregnenolone, and progesterone. When cholesterol is high, the body is often in need of one of these important hormones. By taking a deeper dive into your labwork, we can identify what is needed, and then develop a treatment strategy that aligns with your personal values and priorities, and avoids the unnecessary and unwanted effects of pharmaceuticals.

This root cause approach is applied across all health and wellness services offered at The Wellness Loft including weight loss, behavioral health, hormone balancing, men’s health & more.

Examples of Functional Medicine Services

During your intake appointment and initial lab review, we determine what your personal saboteur is as it relates to excessive weight gain. There is no one cause of weight gain for all patients, which is why it’s important for us to utilize functional medicine to create a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.

For some people it’s excess estrogen or insulin, and for others it’s excess cortisol. It’s a hormonal excess that gets packed around the midsection as fat and that’s ultimately where the weight gain occurs. Stress medicine, environmental medicine, personalized lifestyle medicine, is really what we’re looking at when it comes to weight gain. Addressing the underlying problem is the only way to create sustainable weight loss results and that’s our approach at The Wellness Loft. 

What matters with menopause is the ratio of estrogen to testosterone and progesterone. If women are menopausal, they are generally plowing through their endogenous estrogen. So then it’s a matter of determining what is endogenous or natural estrogen and what is exogenous and what’s provoking the imbalance there. Additionally, when women are in menopause, we tend to see more of cortisol as the excess. This is why running labs is a critical part of treating imbalances. 

Men’s health issues commonly arise due to a lack of testosterone. This is where testosterone replacement therapy comes into play, but at The Wellness Loft we don’t immediately jump to a conclusion and treatment. Testosterone deficiency is often caused by our internal and external environments. If we can pinpoint and address these issues, we are better able to naturally solve men’s health crises. 

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Our Proven Process

1. Intake

During your New Patient Intake appointment, Dr. Kimbi works with you to determine your personal saboteur.

2. Lab Review

Dr. Kimbi walks line by line through your labs to look at how imbalances contribute to your symptoms.

3. Treatment

We develop a personalized protocol and oversee its implementation to treat your saboteur.


Patient Testimonial

“I’ve never had a lab review like that. I’ve never understood my labs. I was always told you’re fine, you’re within normal limits. Dr. Kimbi was able to find my personal crisis ahead of time and she helped me fix my imbalances before it was too late.

Laura W.

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