PureWave VEMI Bio-synchronizer bed

A powerful stack of vibroacoustics, electromagnetics, and infrared heat

Experience a single 30-60 minute treatment with the only VEMI bed in South Carolina. Visit the The Wellness Loft in Charleston today.

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Ultimate Relaxation & Energy Restoration

The VEMI Bed by Purewave

The VEMI (Vibro-acoustic Electro-Magnetic Infrared) Biosynchronizer treatment restores the voltage to every cell in your body, turns off the stress response, and zeroes out EMF exposures (“dirty electricity”). Emerge feeling relaxed and restored on a cellular level!

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Restore cellular balance
  • Increase energy levels

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VEMI Patient Testimonials

Yesterday I tried out The Wellness Loft’s new VEMI Biosynchronizer Bed, and the effects it has had on me are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

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