Jack’s First Experience on the PureWave VEMI Biosynchronizer Bed

By Jack Kirages, Why Chromosomes

This week, I was able to try a 60-minute session on The Wellness Loft’s new VEMI Biosynchronizer Bed, and the affect it has had on me is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.

The VEMI Bed is truly unique as it is the only energy system that combines vibroacoustics, electromagnetics, and infrared heat technologies – each having proven therapeutic effects on the body, and all of which I can now attest to. What makes me believe in the power of this bed more than anything else, is that I only learned about the science and the purported benefits after I had already used it and personally experienced the impact. Mine was not a placebo effect.

The VEMI offers either a 30 or 60 minute session, and I thought I would try the full hour for maximum benefit. I was surprised when the session came to a close, as I thought it had only been about 20 minutes. The time seemed to have passed by extremely quickly. I also entered an interesting mental state that was entirely new to me, I was so relaxed it was like I was asleep, but my mind was still fully conscious. Apparently, one effect of electromagnetic therapy is the disappearance of time with deep levels of relaxation.

After my treatment, I immediately noticed that everything seemed incredibly still; my mind was not wandering at all. This sensation was entirely new to me. I felt perhaps the most present I ever have in my entire life, and I felt extremely calm, centered, and stoic. There was no tension or stress in my mind or body. It felt as though I had been meditating for a solid week.

After leaving The Wellness Loft that day, I went to the gym, and I noticed that a rotator cuff injury I have had for a few months seemed to have disappeared. I was not sure what to make of it, until reading about how the VEMI’s infrared heat technology sends frequency waves into the body that can provide relief to your muscles and visceral organs, improve the lymphatic system, and increase blood flow. I have tried many different things to support this injury over the past few months, but the VEMI (along with BPC-157, which I also got from Dr. Kimbi) has made the biggest difference by far.

Another benefit that I have appreciated is a marked improvement to my sleep. I generally wake up quite a few times throughout the night, but since using the VEMI, I have only been waking up once, if at all. My sleep is noticeably deeper, and I seem to awaken in the morning feeling well rested.

The VEMI Bed is unlike anything I have ever experienced, and I think everyone needs to give it a try. Going into it, I was not sure what to expect, and I was a bit skeptical. Now, after experiencing it for myself, there is no doubt in my mind that the VEMI truly is something remarkable that has genuinely made noticeable improvements to my life.

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Dr. Kimbi, DNP

Dr. Kimbi, DNP is CEO of The Wellness Loft and an experienced healthcare professional. TWL is a health and wellness practice located in Charleston, SC providing virtual & in-office services.

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